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I have a passion for coffee that goes back twenty five years. I started roasting my own coffee over a year ago and I knew I wanted to share my coffee after a few batches. So I made a plan and followed my dream. I built a small roastery in my back yard in Golden, BC with the help and encouragement of family and friends. I have a new, small batch roaster and I am excited to be able to share my Specialty coffee.

Specialty coffee is rated on a scale starting at 80 points (cupping score) to 100 point. Only ripe coffee cherries are picked by hand from small farms or co-op structures and grown in high altitudes. These coffees are priced higher for their quality, care and uniqueness.

I have the fortunate privilege to be able to follow and share my passion in this beautiful mountain town and I hope you will enjoy my coffee as much as I do.

Drink good coffee.


Bradley Poole

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